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Leadership Rediscovered in Today’s Business World

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I’m a lot wiser today, than I was yesterday, and yesterday I was a lot wiser than I was the day before, and so it goes.  My lessons, based on success and failure, form my future responses to any given opportunity.  What lessons I haven’t personally experienced or can’t recall, I draw from a wide variety of sources to influence my decisions.  I’m at a point in life where I’m more interested in giving than I am taking, so I offer these words as one of many sources for you to exploit in creating successes and avoiding failures in today’s business world.

If you are an old, crusty, leader looking for affirmation, maybe you’ll find some of the lessons I write about relatable, insightful and worthy of sharing with your peers and team members.  If you are new to a position of leadership, I’m confident you’ll benefit from my experiences, good and bad, just as you would from any other business leader of my age with a diversified background in today’s environment.

Note while reading, I write from a leader’s, not a manager’s perspective.  I make this distinction because all too often the terms are confused or interchanged when talking about teams.  In the simplest terms, leaders inspire people to perform extraordinary acts, whereas, symbiotically, managers efficiently and effectively employ resources, in accomplishing a collective goal.  Why the distinction?  It has to do with inspiration.  Leaders inspire, managers employ.  Leaders deal exclusively with people. Managers deal with resources, in which human capital is an element.  Leaders may very well be called upon to manage and similarly, managers may very well be called to lead.  But in doing so, there is a distinct difference between the roles, and it has to do with inspiration.  You finding what inspires your team to perform extraordinary acts in accomplishing team goals is what will create success.  So, my writing is to illuminate ways to inspire your team, not necessarily how to employ your resources most efficiently and effectively in accomplishing team goals.

I developed my leader’s perspective by being born in Southern California, to middle class parents still married and alive today, the Roman Catholic Church and Jesuit education, twenty-six years served in the Army, and fifteen years as a corporate executive federal contractor.  I’m a U.S. Army War College graduate, earned my master’s degree in business administration from Syracuse University, and my Bachelor of Science and Commerce Degree in Finance from Santa Clara University.  My parents stoked me in values and an obligation to serve…whether it be your family, country, community, underprivileged and poor.  I was taught, possessions and self-importance were meaningless next to your character.   

My primary specialty in the Army was law enforcement, and I had two secondary specialties as a comptroller and legislative liaison.   I commanded the 16th Military Police Brigade (Airborne) home based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and served in the Pentagon on several assignments as a legislative liaison to two Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Army.  I’m a veteran of multiple conflicts engaged in by the United States, but most notable was Desert Shield and Storm.

After the Army I was a business developer for a Fortune 100 company, then Chief Executive Officer and President of a small security service business in the federal contracting market space.  I concluded my corporate tenure as President of a business unit leading multiple companies in winning work from the federal government.  Now, I’m co-owner with my sister Lisa, of a disabled, veteran owned, and family operated small business, titled One True North INC, a Leadership and Business Coaching services firm.  Our vision is to empower leaders and their team on the virtues, behaviors, and skills to find and live their One True North…their why, and their purpose to be, do, and have in today’s business world!

This blog is about Leadership Rediscovered. So many critical lessons of the past are forgotten, and we have lost our communal way because of a leadership deficit.  My purpose continues to be serving you on the many lessons I learned over the forty plus years I’ve been in leadership, attacking this deficit and creating leadership abundance. 

My next post will be on The Choices You Make.


Paul is a long time business professional that has helped many companies to profitability and is excited to share is knowledge and expertise with your business.